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How To Measure Countertops

Always remember when measuring countertops, our stones are large rectangular slabs. We cut these slabs into pieces and shape them for your kitchen or bathroom.

Therefore, think of rectangle pieces when measuring your countertop project.

Keep In Mind These Points When Measuring For Countertops:

• Slabs average 120×55” (or about 41 square feet). Some slab types are available in larger sizes as well
• Countertop materials are sold by the slab
• Most of the time you will need 1.5 slabs at a minimum (unless your kitchen or bathroom is small), so you should budget accordingly
• There are some slabs that are available in half sizes depending on the color/design (contact us for details)
• Don’t forget your backsplash, if you will be using the same materials. We can use extra materials from the countertop for your backsplash
• Finally, plan for fabrication and installation costs. We calculate these costs by the square footage
• If you are planning on undermount sinks, custom edges or curves, these also should be factored into your budget

U-Shape Countertops

L-Shape Countertops


Unbelievably amazing experience

Unbelievably amazing experience at Texas Granite Group! Luis was there every step of the way providing invaluable assistance from beginning to end. I could not be any happier with our marble countertops. Absolutely stunning! Thank you Luis!

Tracee B.

Highly recommend and thanks!

We had our entire granite kitchen remodeled by The Texas Granite Group. The quality of their work was excellent, and if it wasn't for a computer glitch that delayed the installment of one segment, everything would have been perfect. Luis and his team did a great job in assuring quality product. They all cared about customer satisfaction and were very careful in handling those heavy pieces.

Armenag D.

This company has been wonderful!

This company has been wonderful, from getting a quote to having it all installed! Their work is really nice as well as everyone we dealt with, definitely recommend them!

Kristi T.